22 Apr 2012

Webmaster Message


Contact Buttons @ www.the-real-miosotis.com


As a result of a technical malfunction the contact buttons in the website have not worked properly for some weeks. Many of the messages have been lost and cannot be recovered.

This applies to the first page which has public access and sends a message to me, the webmaster, but more importantly also the members' section who can send personal messages to Miosotis.

Miosotis cares passionately about her fans and we both regret what has happened. It is exactly what adult sites are known for and I was determined that this one would be different.

Please accept our sincere apologies if you have been trying to get in touch, the buttons are working now and please feel free to resend your messages and I promise they will be read and replied to as soon as physically possible.

Any further problems can be reported to me at


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