29 Mar 2012

Hey.....don't forget good ol' FB

Today is the launch of the 'New Style' Facebook fan page.

Personally I did not see anything wrong with the old style, I preferred it, but from 30th March we have no choice.

Make sure you visit regularly, I upload exclusive pics.

No nipples but I push the art of sweater and T-Shirt stretching to their seam bursting limit.

Remember to click the thumbs up
 'like this' button too...if you don't I will personally track you down and smother you in your sleep...jijijiji

Oh...and please do not ask to be 'added', it is not possible on this kind of FB page..we are all friends together. 


  1. Very Sexy photos of you!! They are both ... hot and classy for FB.

  2. These are some of your most Beautiful pictures ... you are so natural and REAL!! I love them.