22 Aug 2012

Webmaster's Announcement

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO MEMBERS OF www.the-real-miosotis.com

I expect you have already noticed that there has been no video updates this month, I am very sorry for this but I will explain the reason now.

The premium content from the members section of Miosotis' web site has been subjected to a sustained well organised piracy attack on the big forums and other busy places.
The files have been uploaded in duplicate to hosts that operate in countries outside copyright jurisdiction governed by the Digital Millennium Copyright laws.
The file hosting sites that do abide by these laws do take down illegally posted files within 24 hours but they are replaced with the live links from the duplicate file in minutes. This happens every day.
All this for only a few cents per 1,000 downloads and maybe a recruitment to their premium service. A sign of the difficult times the world is going through, or is it a competitor. ...I don't think so.

Miosotis has always had a huge affection and respect for her admirers, as do I, and she thinks that it is grossly unfair that members of her site are paying every month for pictures and video that is so freely  and publicly available elsewhere at no cost even without registration. So we have reached the agonising decision to suspend updates to www.the-real-miosotis.com with effect from 15th September 2012.

The site will be updated until 15th September with new content in the Photo galleries and Diary Entries so that members that have just renewed will receive value, but the new videos will be held back until a satisfactory solution has been found. I will be releasing more galleries and diary stories than usual to make up for the lack of video.

I have no power to cancel memberships so it is very important that you do this or CCBill will continue to collect every month until instructed by you to stop. They cannot give refunds.
If you need assistance there are directions in the front page of the members' section.

Naturally Miosotis is very upset and hopes that you understand the situation. She emphatically does not want anyone to feel cheated by this.
It is so unfair that the law abiding people that have joined are the ones that suffer as well as Miosotis herself.

A 30 day non-recurring membership is still available for anyone who still wants access to all the content in the members' section. www.the-real-miosotis.com


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