28 Aug 2012

29th August Diary Update - One Piece Bikini

Just as we got used to basking in the glory of two...yes TWO gold medals at the London Olympics, hard on their heels is a resounding victory from our very own team FIVB Women's Junior World Championship. Beating Mexico and USA to win the championship gold. Don't forget gold is mined here so it was probably ours to start with.

Tropical storm Isaac has passed by only really affecting the South of Hispaniola. It turned out that not only was it not a proper hurricane, it wasn't even Jewish. Santo Domingo had two fatalities, both men who got swept away by swollen rivers but the hapless Haiti took a battering with the 400,000 unfortunate folk that still live in tents and shacks following the 2010 earthquake, they must be wondering if life can get any worse...ah yes I forgot it can..Cholora.
I wonder if any of them saw Ann Romney's speech in Tampa last night. I expect they really enjoyed hearing the wife of a ruthless businessman with a personal fortune in excess of $200m with five healthy sons preach about 'hardship', the insincerity shone through like a replacement window salesman pitch, surely the women in USA will not fall for this?

A five year old boy was the latest victim to die of Dengue Fever in Santiago Children's hospital. Many of us feel that not enough is being done by our public health authority to deal with this horrible disease.

For my diary I must tell a little anecdote about a late night beach party I was invited to in June this year. ....

....I was wearing a pale blue string bikini which was not very tight so my breasts did swing from side to side when I walked and when I bent over there was a huge window in my 20 inch cleavage.....

.......I don't remember much about the end of the party but it must have been good because I could just see the imprint of somebody’s teeth round my left nipple, it was quite sore actually.......

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