19 Aug 2012

17th Ausust 2012 Diary Update - Sexy Sistas In Steam Pt1

Forgive me dear friends...I have been so busy. This diary has collected a little dust in the last couple of weeks but I am on the case now with an amazing story that the more often I read it back the hotter it gets.

Well, before I start to tell you about my experience with two other Dominican girls in the health club of one of the resort hotels I had better bring you up to speed with what's going down in this amazing country República Dominicana.

The day that I am writing we are swapping our president. Danilo Medina takes charge and replaces Leonel Fernández. There are big wigs flying in from all over the world to watch this dick in a suit be inaugurated and the day's ceremonies will end at 8 o'clock with a 'cocktail reception' or as we know it..a right royal piss-up. Leonel's last grand gesture was to award our two triumphant Olympic athletes Félix Sánchez and Luguelín Santos with cheques for 18 million pesos between them...yes Leonel chuck more money that we have not got, why don't you!

We are very proud of the two medal winners, you will notice that they are bother runners...as I said before this is what Dominican men do after stealing something, they are very good at it.

Apart from that we have had a major re-fit of our emergency department in the hospital that serves my area Santiago de los Caballeros.- The José María Cabral y Báez . They boast that they can treat 57 patients simultaneously, but they stopped short of boasting that 57 patients would recover simultaneously...we can only hope.

I do not drive a car myself so when my cousin's boyfriend offered to take us to Punto Cana for the day I was thrilled. I did take a couple of driving lessons a few years ago, it was in a manual gearbox car. Fortunately nobody was seriously injured, I could not see which pedals I was pressing. That reminds me I must go visit my instructor again. He was last seen rocking backwards and forwards on the edge of his hospital bed, his head in his hands complaining of recurring nightmares involving two giant air bags. I understand his therapy sessions lasted for more than 18 months.

There were four of us in the car and the good thing about resort hotels is there is always parking spaces because residents arrive by other means, not that that makes much difference in this country, people tend to abandon their cars more than park them.

.....I had, what is called in celebrity circles, a 'wardrobe malfunction'.....

....When I opened my eyes I could only see the profile of a girl against the bright sunlit sky and a husky voice say
     "I think you had better sort your tits out before you get arrested".......

.....The echo in the steam room seemed to make the measurements seem even more impressive.
     "Well fuck me"...Cleona said in a quiet voice still staring at me."So with your WMD bra on you measure the same round your bust as your height?"
     "Yes, I hadn't thought of that"...

To be continued.......the 'hot' tub is as described!!

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  1. Sexy all day ... I Love the Super Thickness of your Chest (sitting on the bench)!! Your Breast are Beautiful to watch. A real Woman to dream about!!