15 Jun 2012

Election in Dominican Republic May 2012

Well, I promised I would report on the election we had in the Dominican Republic.

As we all suspected it was an exercise in election fraud rather than democracy with the candidate from the governing party Danilo Medina winning a majority by a whisker. He replaces Lionel Fernandez who could not run for a third term by law, and to be honest I am surprised that stopped him.

I supported his only real rival, Hipolito Mejia, a 71 year old former president who just happened to be at the helm of Good Ship Dominicana when it hit the economic rocks in 2004 and three banks went down the pan. In 2004 banks going bust was unusual but whoever was in charge at the time would have been blamed.
So Mejia was replaced by big spender Lionel who spunked shed loads of money up the wall building subways and bridges that nobody except him and his mates really use while 30% of Dominicans don't have enough to eat.

And crime is just as bad now, some fucker ran off with my iPhone in a restaurant a couple of months ago. The only time you see a Dominican man in a hurry is when he has just stolen something, that's why they are so fit.

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