9 Apr 2012

9th April Diary Update - Playing A Round With Big Boobs Pt2

I always thought that any man that can manage 18 holes in one day must be a little bit special. Luckily most golf clubs have a pro who is more than willing to show you how to do it for a fee. In Republica Dominicana we do things slightly differently. We start at the the nineteenth hole, the other eighteen are optional if time permits.....cont.

 From my experience it is rare for a boyfriend to compliment his girlfriend on her driving ...cont.

When asked what my handicap is I am always honest,,,,I can’t see the ball, my tits are in the way.....cont.

  “remember the idea is to get it in the hole as quickly as possible avoiding the rough bits and don’t forget to wipe it before you use it again"..........cont.

The whole story and the second of 2 sets...41 more photos added today in hi res 3000x2000 for viewing or download in zip. file

Next time I will tell you about my introduction to 'snake charming'...yes, my hot evening with the American guy with the enormous lunch box I met on the beach...whew!


  1. when do you make a hardcore video???

  2. Charm the Snake and awaken the Soul!! I believe in tantric things. Although, not experienced yet ... I pray for the rising nature of the East!!