18 Apr 2012

18th April 2012 Diary Update - 'My Evening With The Biggest Lunchbox I Have Ever Seen' + Dia De Calor [Behind The Scenes]

Extracts From My Diary In www.the-real-miosotis.com

The rumour that I am obsessed with male genitalia is a complete phallussy.

...We got chatting and he asked me for a drink that same evening . I thought about it for nearly an eighth of a second before I accepted....cont.

...We arranged to meet in a local bar called 'The Cactus Tree', a small family run pub with a Mexican theme. The landlord made an attempt to look Mexican with an impressive moustache and a major personal hygiene problem, very authentic, but you wouldn't want to be trapped in an elevator with him. His son would not have looked out of place in an identity line up for a drive by shooting in Ciudad Ju├írez and his wife had this irrational fear of men in suits and would stare at you with the one eye she had left. 
Anyway, they served Tequila......cont.

...For the purposes of my diary I will call my date Dick (not his real name but should have been)

He knew what to expect as we had already met but what he was not prepared for was that the whole bar fell silent and every eye in the bar was trained on my entrance, even the landlady's good one.

..when I jumped off the stool and rested my tits on the bar I seriously thought he was going fall over...cont.

Of course we ended up in his bedroom....cont.

...the first two blasts hit me under the chin, then I turned my head and the next jet went in my ear, the next two flew past my head and slid down the wall behind me and with a final shout he sent a cum missile straight up in the air. Later I saw it hanging from a blade of the ceiling fan like a bad cold, it wasn't on.


+ Photo Set of Behind The Scenes Dia De Calor


  1. me gustaria aplacarte ese calor

  2. I was short for word when reading your erotic story,it makes my boner to salute you in a hard way. You are such a beautiful gem.

  3. Este dominicano se kiere casar contigo mi amor. Chula. Divina.