27 Jan 2012


Webmaster’s Note

As www.the-real-miosotis.com is eventually launched I thought that a few words of explanation are called for.

I am very aware of the impatience that the delay of the launch has generated and everybody involved with this project shares your frustration. This is the product of over a year’s work of busy people that were also committed to many other projects and it has taken this long to co-ordinate the artistic and technical side. Latterly the technical challenges of providing a reliable payment gateway seemed almost insurmountable but I am pleased to say that everything is working correctly now.

I am committed to overseeing the smooth running of this web site on a daily basis and if anyone has any issues with membership that cannot be resolved with CCBill directly please contact me, there are no scams here.

Miosotis herself is overseeing the social network sites at Twitter and Facebook, they are 100% genuine although some of the corny subtitles might be me.
As a member you also have the opportunity to email Miosotis personally. Praise, constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome...disrespect is not. Despite her striking appearance Mio is the nicest person you could ever want to meet.

By joining this site you are not lining the pockets of an opportunist webmaster; after expenses have been met this is Miosotis’ business, she makes the decisions. The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country full of wonderful people but life can be hard.

I am sure the premium content will be passed round in time honoured fashion but as long as enough people are prepared to pay for membership the site will keep going for a long time, if not, then it will close.

When I first saw a photograph of Miosotis on the net 6 years ago I considered her in a class of her own in the big boob world and I have seen nothing since to change my mind. 

Her bust to waist ratio holds world record status for a natural non-bbw and whether you are a boob aficionado or just want to crack one off before you go to work you might as well join the best of the biggest..The Real Miosotis



  1. Donovan Jones: Digital Developer27 January 2012 at 10:20

    Way to go webmaster, I'm glad to she her on her way!

    She's a legend in her own time, and with the correct management she will get all her dues coming to her.

    I think I speak for many other Miosotis fans "we are glad that she left the dark side" and she's into her own marvelous light!

  2. Donovan says it right with all what he says.
    There is nothing to say more.

    Hope she will have very much of fun now :-)

  3. Finalle the REAL Miosotis! I'll keep posting about u ;)

  4. Didn't she win some miss caraibes contest